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Baron Henry Edward Ernest Victor Bliss, an English paraplegic sailor, visited Belize in 1926 and fell in love with Belize’s clear blue waters, appealing climate and kind people.

Baron Bliss LighthouseOn March 9th, two months after his arrival in Belize and without ever having set foot on Belizean soil, Baron Bliss died, leaving Belize a $2 million legacy. He was buried at Fort George Point at the entrance to the Belize river and a distinctive lighthouse monument erected in his honour.

A keen fisherman, Baron had travelled the world aboard his yacht the Sea King, in search of great fishing spots.  The interest from his legacy was used to fund many infrastructural projects throughout Belize including roads, schools and the country’s first theatre - aptly named the Bliss Institute and now known as the Bliss Center for the Performing Arts.

March 9th is a Belizean public and bank holiday and each within the Belize district, annual sailing regattas for traditional sea craft.

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