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The ideal time for birding is usually early morning or late evening when the sun is less direct and birds are out feeding on insects. Under the protection of the canopy, however, there is still much activity throughout the day. To optimize your viewing opportunities let your tour guide know your interests well in advance.

Birding in rainforestThe day-to-day activities of birds and their annual cycles provide great opportunities to see them at their best.

Observe birds feeding in the early morning, evening, or at night depending on the species.

Watch birds oil their wings which need to be groomed in order to avoid predators in flight and keep warm.

Listen and watch various species as they send out warning calls to their colony. The mating dance of males attempting to attract females is always something to tell friends at home about.

Most birds breed and raise their young at the end of the dry season from April until July. This period provides ample opportunities to watch mating rituals, nest building, rearing of young or survival training for chicks.

The yearly migration of North American birds flying south in December is a prime opportunity to view migrant species. It is helpful to carry a guide on North American birds as well as guides for species found in Mexico and Central America, as the plumage on many of the birds is different while they are on their "winter holiday" in the tropics.


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