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Following are some common species to be found in:

Couple bird watchingCoastal Areas and on the Islands
Brown pelican, magnificent frigate birds, laughing gulls, osprey, seagulls, ruddy terns, brown boobies, and on Belize's first national park Half Moon Caye Natural Monument--the rare red-footed booby.

Roseate spoonbills, great egrets, green, blue, the not so common boat-billed and agami herons, northern jacana, and the endangered jabiru stork at the Crooked Tree Wildlife Sanctuary--as well as at other wetland locations.

Grasslands and Savannahs

The fork-tailed and vermilion flycatcher, a variety of tiny seedeaters, tanagers, and the ever-present roadside hawk.

Broadleaf Forests
Montezuma's oropendula with its colony of hanging nests in trees, blue crowned mot mot, great tinamou, black faced ant thrush midstory, sulfur-rumped flycatcher, and Belize's national bird the keel-billed toucan.


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You are here  : Home What To Do On the Land Birding Birding Habitats

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