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All Belizean national parks have hiking trails that showcase the birdlife and fine examples of local plants and animals.

Hiking in Cockscomb Basin WIldlife SanctuaryMost trails are designed in loops easily bringing visitors back to the starting point and will have the activity level clearly marked.  Some places have self guiding trails with a guide while the favored choice is via the use of a local guide who will point out the spontaneous appearance of birds and wildlife and can relate traditional uses of local plants.


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Pelican Beach Resort
Pelican Beach Resort
Name: Pelican Beach Resort
Description: With architecture reminiscent of Belize's colonial past, colorful tropical gardens, sprawling verandas, and shaded dockside palapas, Pelican Beach Resort - Dangriga is filled with old world charm. * Stay in spacious and comfortable rooms with air-c ...
State: Stann Creek District
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