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National Bird - Keel-billed Toucan

ToucanToucans range in size from 18 to 63 cm (from 7 to 25 in). Characterized by their enormous bill, toucan males and females are alike in color. The larger bill of all toucans belongs to the male. The plumage in the genus containing the largest toucans is generally black, with touches of white, yellow, and scarlet. Toucans usually live in pairs or small flocks. They feed chiefly on fruit, and can manipulate small berries at the tip of the bill with great dexterity. They also eat small birds and lizards.





National Animal - Tapir (Mountain Cow)

TapirA relatively large mammal growing to a height of 75cm to 120cm (29in to 47 in) and to a weight of 225kg to 300kg (500lb to 600lb), these nocturnalanimals feed on leaves, grass, aquatic vegetation, soft twigs, and fruit,using their short flexible snouts to roll up leaves and other vegetation.When tapirs are threatened, they flee to the water or into dense underbrush for safety. Their squeal seems to be a means of communication with other members of the family group in the thick foliage of the rain forest.





National Flower - Black Orchid

Black OrchidOrchid flowers are borne on stalks called pedicels, as are other flowers. During the growth and development of the flower, however, the pedicel rotates 180Á, so that the mature orchid flower is borne upside down. Of the flower's three sepals (outer floral whorls) and three petals (inner floral whorls), all the sepals and the two lateral petals are usually similar to one another in color and shape. The remaining petal, always distinct from them, is called the labellum, or lip; it is usually larger and different in color and shape, often being lobed or cupped.

National Tree - Mahogany

Mahogany TreeMahogany has long been prized in the manufacture of fine furniture and cabinets because of its colour and hardness. Mahogany wood is heavy, strong, and easily worked and resists rot and termites. It is used in cabinetry and veneers and formerly in construction.