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If you’re in the Mountain Pine Ridge area of Belize’s Cayo district, the Rio Frio Cave is one you won’t want to miss.  Stepping stones lead visitors into the mouth of the cave which is more than impressive just because of its sheer size.  With its gaping entrance, this is one cave that is perfect for the nervous first-timer.

Entrance to Rio Frio CaveFrom the massive, 65-foot arches at both ends of this cave to the room-size, oddly colored boulders and remarkably large chandelier-like stalactites hanging from the cave’s ceiling, the name of the game in this cave is big – everything is gigantic!  Standing in front of the cave, visitors are humbled by the largesse of the opening that beckons them forward.

Atypical for a cave system, you won’t need much help seeing what lies ahead –  in the daylight hours, sunlight streaming through from end to end  will light your path along this quarter-mile trek, though a flashlight could come in handy when choosing the best footing as you prepare to exit the cave. A shallow river runs through this cave, creating sandy beaches on both ends, a great place to take a rest.

This is one of Belize’s least physically challenging cave tours and is a great choice for first-timers.


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You are here  : Home What To Do On the Land Caving Rio Frio Cave

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