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Xunantunich sits atop a hill overlooking the overlooking the Mopan River and the Cayo District.

XunantunichXunantunich was a major ceremonial site, built on a natural limestone ridge during the Classic Period.The site is composed of six major plazas with more than twenty-five temples and palaces.   "El Castillo" (the Castle), the largest pyramid at 130 feet above the plaza, has such carved friezes on the east and west sides. The frieze on the east has been preserved and covered with a fiberglass replica of the central mask representing the sun god flanked the moon, Venus, and different days.

On a clear day you can also see across into nearby Guatemala, and over towards Caracol in the Mountain Pine Ridge Reserve.

Visitor Experience
Xunantunich lies eight miles west of San Ignacio Town, directly across from the village of San Jose Succotz. It is easily accessible by public transportation, up to the hand-cranked ferry over the river.  Vehicles are ferried over one at a time for the one mile drive/hike to the parking lot.  An impressive visitor center with refreshments and souvenirs for sale are located on site.



Location of Xunantunich

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You are here  : Home What To See Maya Sites Xunantunich

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